Mil-Com Portable Hexamine Cooker

Grade: New

Lightweight portable cooker. 115mm x 95mm x 30mm folded up, with hexamine fuel blocks stored inside. 350g including 8 fuel blocks.

Fold up sides to support your cooking pot. Use hexamine fuel blocks or pieces of small wood in the centre of the stove to provide heat. Very simple and versatile.

Ideal for festivals and other venues where gas is not allowed.

Comes with 8 fuel blocks. Refills available.

December 2015. Please be advised that I can no longer send these through the post as the Post Office have banned sending solid fuels, along with a lot of other things. I have marked them up as 'Out of Stock' so that you can't just add them to your basket. However I do still have some and if you can come and pick them up or I can deliver them to you then that will work. Please contact me on david at factsurplus dot co dot uk or via the sales@ link at the bottom of the page to discuss delivery or collection possibilities.
Mil-Com Portable Cooker
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