DPM Army Basha

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Slightly cheaper but heavier alternative to the Webtex Basha.

The basha makes a versatile shelter, sleeping bag cover or emergency carrying sheet. The Tracpac Army Basha has 6 loops along each long edge, with re-inforced corners. 3 loops along ridge. Poppers along each long edge to join 2 or more bashas together. 244cm x 172cm, fully waterproof PU coated nylon

Weight 1200grams. Put up your basha between trees or other stationary objects with 7mm Purlon along the apex and tie down with 3mm Purlon and pegs. In windy or wet conditions peg right down the side of the basha facing the prevailing weather to give more protection. Can be used with a sleep mat and bag on the ground or higher off the ground with a hammock, as favoured by Ray Mears.
DPM Army Basha
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